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Party Rentals For Almost Any Occasion

  • 5 Tips For an Outdoor Summer Wedding

    And how to save cost.

    Planning a summer wedding? Here are some tips that will help:

    1. Hold your ceremony and reception at one location – it will cut cost for hourly paid vendors

    2. Have fewer but larger tables to save costs on tablecloths and centerpieces

    3. Heavy food and heat don’t go hand and hand – Offer light entreés choices, like fish, white meat, and hors d’oeuvres

    4. Tents have come a long way. Make your wedding tents more cool and comfortable with fans and misters.

    5. Heavy heat and heavy drinks are a cocktail recipe for disaster. Offer guests lighter libations, like crisp beer, cold wine, and estival his/her cocktails.


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  • For Moments That Couldn’t Mean More…

    Service That Couldn’t Be Better. Quality That Couldn’t Be Better.

    That moment when you take a step back and you think to yourself that this day, your day, could not have been more perfect. When you choose Abbey you choose exceptional. At Abbey Party Rents, we pledge to make your event our priority. To offer guidance that meets your goals. To never compromise quality or cut corners. To be friendly, reliable, and responsive, so that you can have more of ‘That moment when’.


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  • From Corporate to Cosmopolitan…

    Transform Your Next Event With These Abbey-Executive Party Supplies.

    If you are looking for tasteful, high-quality furnishings, settings, and decor to make your event perfect, Abbey Party Rents is San Diego’s essential choice for party and event rentals. Make your event unforgettable with the highest quality guidance and supplies delivered by our friendly, professional setup team so you’ll have one less thing to worry about.


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home chairs

Competitive Pricing That Never Compromises Quality For Cost

We'll Make Your Event Exceptional & Affordable, No Matter How Big or Small.

Abbey Party Rents of Temecula offers premier rentals and stellar service every time. When you Rent from Abbey you will never run the risk of forfeiting value for cost. You can breathe easy Abbey's rentals and services are top-notch at any price. Other local Party Rental Companies may look less expensive, but they are not! When it comes to pricing, Abbey Party Rents will try to meet or beat any local competitor that offers comparable rentals and service. Furthermore, your experience will be a smoother process with better organization, higher quality equipment and customer service that you will not get anywhere else. We match our pricing to our leading competitors even though they do not place the same emphasis on quality equipment or accommodating the special needs of your event.

Over and over we hear the nightmare stories of small party rental companies that have not delivered what they promised, have delivered them late or have supplied rentals that are not in working order. In addition, you will often find add-on expenses that you never saw coming. If this is a special event, don’t take any chances, go with the best. We are a service based business, we provide a personalized experience for every client. That means looking at your event and making sure your rentals are covered, nothing has been forgotten. We”ll even let you know if there is something on the order that shouldn’t be. Why pay for something you don’t need? We are proud of our ability to offer the best Party Rentals in Temecula at prices that meet or beat our local competitors. Visit our online Party Rental Catalog and see for yourself what we offer. If you don’t see what you are looking for, call us. If we don’t have it, we’ll get it. Let Abbey help make your special event everything you dreamed and more!

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  • Great Service & Quality Staff

    We are very pleased with Abbey Party Rentals as our partner on major events 
from the Spring Fling gala to Surf Dog, because they have great customer 
service, quality staff, and reasonable pricing.  We recommend them to 
everyone in Temecula. 
Thanks Abbey.
    R. Resko
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Temecula: (951) 296-1755

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