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As 2012 comes to an end, it’s important to start thinking about upcoming trends for the new year. With event planning that can take months and even years of preparation, you want to be sure to stay on top of trends.

There are many trends to look out for as we approach 2013. “Flower power” has returned in multiple forms from peonies of all colors, blue delphiniums and white orchids, to pink and gold roses. Keeping things fresh and current is key when it comes to planning.

Holiday PartyThe holidays are here which means there’s no more time to waste when it comes to planning your party. Whether you want to throw a party for your co-workers, friends or family, you’ll want to be sure it’s one they’ll remember for years to come. San Diego knows how to ring in the festivities and the New Year so whether you’re in need of an intimate setting for a few or a place that can hold up to a 100 or so, we’ve got it all here.

tentsNo matter what your event is, if you want it to stand out from the rest there is no better way to do this than with the use of tents. Tents allow you to put your creativity skills to use because they allow a variety of ways to decorate them. You can choose the colors you want as well as the lighting so that it fits the mood you’d like to create. If you want to create an intimate setting, using low lights or Christmas lights and lanterns is a great way to do this.

College and high school students have been catching the spring break bug in San Diego, and that means summer is just around the corner!

With the beginning of summer comes a fresh new batch of high school and college graduates, ready to top off their experience with a party to remember.

So what first as you plan your graduation party?

1. Pick a location

How about your backyard? A park? We have everything from tables and chairs to umbrellas and tents in our catalog. Create an online party list to get an idea of how your party is coming together. It’s amazing how far along with party planning 15 minutes will take you in the cyber world!

We all like to think that spring is about new beginnings -- symbolic or otherwise. Baby bunnies, fresh starts and, our favorite, wedding planning season, when couples around San Diego start planning their summer weddings -- and their new lives together!

Well here at Abbey Party Rents, this spring is not just symbolic

As San Diego's premier party rental and party supply company, we are delighted to announce four exciting changes in the way we serve our customers! If you're curious about party planning, event planning or party rentals, these updates are designed with you in mind.

Three Weeks Before

  • Make an invitation list. For a large cocktail party, invite 20 percent more people than you can fit, since typically only 70 percent to 80 percent of invitees attend.
  • Decide on a theme, if you want one. Make, buy, or borrow any decorations or music you may need to fit the theme.
  • Send invitations. Mail, e-mail, even phone invites are all acceptable.
  • Plan the menu. Assemble the recipes (choose only those that can be prepared in advance, perhaps even frozen, with just warming and assembling required on party day). Make a list of how far in advance each can be made, and compile a shopping list. Place an order with your local delicatessen or bakery, as needed.
  • Line up any help you may need. Consider hiring a high school student or a professional to help with pre- or postparty cleaning or to pass drinks or appetizers, replenish buffet food, tidy up, and generally take some weight off your shoulders.

Balloons, kids and birthday parties just seem to go together.

Balloons are fun, balloons are colorful and balloons make everyone happy!Now here are some fun kid birthday party game ideas that are all about balloons.

Stuff The Balloons

Divide your birthday party guests into two teams and have each team choose one team mate to put on a baggy pair of pants and a baggy shirt.

The object is to see which team can stuff the most balloons into the shirt and pants of their designated team mate in just two minutes.

Start your theme music and watch the fun. When the music ends, count the balloons each team has stuffed into their team mates shirt and pants. The team with the most balloons is the winner.

And don't forget to take lots of pictures and shoot lots of video. The kids with the balloons under their baggy clothes are going to look very funny.

Whether you need tables, linens, chairs, arches, silk plants, or a sound system, we invite all rental rookies to join us for a close-up look at the basic tips, trends, and terminology of party rental equipment.

Getting Started

Which should you grab first to get started -- your telephone or your PC mouse? Neither! Instead, grab a sheet of paper and sketch a plan of your dream wedding and reception set-up. This technique will help you gather your thoughts and organize your ideas prior to a consultation with a rental company.

Talkin' Shop

Brush up on your vocabulary with the help of the American Rental Association, a leading personal and professional group dedicated to maintaining high quality service in the rental industry.

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Thanks Abbey.
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Temecula: (951) 296-1755

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