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Temecula: (951) 296-1755

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Temecula's Favorite Source For Party and Event Rentals.

Trade Shows

Abbey Party Rents has equipped Trade Shows at the San Diego Convention Center and surrounding areas for many years. Booth space, organization of booths and delivery times are always a consideration.

We Offer:

  • Tables
  • Convention Drape (available in blue or black)
  • Linens
  • Carpeting

If you are an attendee of a convention, you will most likely be provided with the basics such as a booth, eight foot table and two chairs. For you to properly show your company off, be sure you have access to power for computers or extra lighting. Ask the Trade Show host if you can bring in more tables if you need them. Abbey Rents can deliver your extra requirements.

If you are a Trade Show Consultant, call us for a quote. We have miles of convention pipe and drape and plenty of tables and chairs. We have several colors of turf or carpeting and the manpower to get the job done fast.

Temecula: (951) 296-1755

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